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Last updated: 29 March 2021


  • Transcription of meetings for Asthma Right Care


  • Monolingual review of a transcript for the '1000 Dreams' project, which aims to change the negative narratives commonly held by Europeans about refugees

  • English-language voice-over for the below videos!

  • Translation of a transcript for videos intended for asylum seekers arriving in France for Bibliothèques sans Frontières

  • Business preparedness questionnaire for the American Red Cross

Plante succulente et pinces pour reliure




  • Translation and revision of a wedding photographer's website

  • Translation of a website for a French advanced materials competitiveness cluster 

  • Translation of documents concerning a corporate health insurance scheme

  • French to English translation of an art exhibition rental agreement

  • Translation of a court ruling in a divorce case

  • Revision of a cover letter

  • French to English translation of meeting minutes

  • Translation of a website's terms and conditions (GDPR)

  • Translating and editing texts intended to attract expats to France

  • French-English translation of a service agreement

  • Translation of an intelligence report for the biotechnology industry

  • Translation of a five-year corporate review for a biotech company

  • Translation from English into French of a decree of divorce

  • Translation of a power of attorney



  • Seeing bright light at the end of the tunnel: successful, efficient proofreading. Presented by Karen Tkaczyk

  • Four-part webinar: Translating corporate law documents from French into English, Intermark Language Services Corporation

  • Mediterranean Editors and Translators two-day online conference

  • Four-part webinar: Translating Contracts from French into English: Theory and Practice, Intermark Language Services Corporation

  • Webinar: Breaking into the premium market, with Chris Durban

  • Webinar: Transcreation - what it takes to do it well, with Nina Sattler-Hovdar

  • Engineering Life: Synbio, Bioethics & Public Policy. 16-hour Coursera course

  • The mistakes translators make with verbs with Grant Hamilton

  • An introduction into translating with SDL Trados Studio 2019, BDÜ

  • Legal translation webinar with Paula Arturo

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