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A good translation can really help your business go places, just as a poor translation can undermine all your hard work. Entrust your translations to a professional, experienced translator, and see for yourself what a difference it can make.

Hibbert Translations specialises in French to English translations in the following fields: legal, business, marketing, and biotechnology.




Holly Hibbert BA DipTrans

I am a qualified, experienced freelance translator. I've lived in France for over ten years.

After gaining my degree, I spent a year or so working in technical translation, followed by seven years as a translator and project manager at a small but versatile translation company.

I hold the highly regarded Diploma in Translation, a master’s degree-level diploma awarded by the UK-based Chartered Institute of Linguists.

I am a member of Mediterranean Editors and Translators (MET) - an association of language professionals - and I volunteer for Translators without Borders, a non-profit which provides translation services for humanitarian causes.

I am reliable, thorough and conscientious and my translations are faithful, accurate and elegant.


Do not underestimate the power of a professional translation: get in touch and I’d be happy to send you a quote.

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Hibbert Translations can also provide translation services in other specialisms and languages.



Fields of

Fields of translation


Deeds and instruments, powers of attorney, witness statements, expert reports, police reports, prenuptial agreements, wills, etc.


Terms and conditions of sale/purchase, confidentiality agreements, contracts and agreements, articles of association, professional correspondence, annual reports, employee performance reviews, job descriptions, websites, presentations, certifications, newsletters, calls for tenders, etc.


Presentations, press releases, brochures, flyers, websites, promotional materials, packaging and labels, articles, blog posts, etc.


Industry intelligence reports, articles, interviews, blog posts, newsletters, job descriptions, websites, annual reports, etc.


Translations and revision/proofreading are charged per word for anything over 200 words (minimum charge: €25). Rates vary depending on volume and complexity, but generally range from €0.12 to €0.16 per word for translation. Please get in touch for a free quote.

Client testimonials

Client testimonials

"Holly a traduit de nombreux documents à la fois pour des actions personnelles ou des actions professionnelles. Elle fait toujours preuve de perspicacité dans ses traductions, comprend le domaine d’applications et adapte la traduction pour bien retranscrire l’essence du texte. Et en prime, Holly est ultra réactive, ce qui permet de la solliciter pour des coups de pouce très urgents. Merci Holly pour ton professionnalisme."   

— Laurie, Business Director

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